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Decor Semino - Wardrobes

Whether you are building, renovating or simply rearranging your space, the key is to find the balance between style and functionality. With a complete range of wardrobe doors, accessories and window storage, we offer you much to choose from. In recent years, we have designed and manufactured wardrobes with sliding doors for many satisfied customers.

Some models are more intricate and expensive, while others are simpler and affordable, but all of them are made with exceptional attention to details and following the client's demands. Our wardrobes with sliding doors allow you to make the most of available storage space, without compromising style. The end result is more space and light in your bedroom, order and cleanness in your office or living room.

Each door runs in precision sliders, providing easy, safe and quiet use. Behind the wardrobe doors you will have a hand-made, personal storage system, according to your needs and with the right combination of space for hangers, drawers and shelves. Our wardrobes and bedrooms will give your household the final touch you are looking for.

Our Products

  • Chests of drawers for shirts
  • Chests of drawers
  • Wardrobes
  • Bedside Tables
  • Wardrobes Algarve
  • Built-in Wardrobes
  • Modular Wardrobes
  • Multifunctional Wardrobes
  • Wall Wardrobes
  • Wardrobes Quarteira
  • Made-to-measure Wardrobes
  • Shoe racks